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IV Vitamin Therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bioavailability, directly into the bloodstream while bypassing the GI Tract for instant benefits.

Using metabolic elements, the osmolarity and infusion rates of each vitamin formulation is carefully calculated. Each IV Drip provides highly concentrated combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants based on micronutrient therapy science. IV Drips consist of all natural bio-identical vitamins and nutrients that are naturally found in our body and in organic foods we consume.
Myers' Cocktail
The original gold standard for drip infusions. Used to enhance energy, general well-being, mental clarity and detoxification. This classic immune boosting mix has a wide range of benefits.
What's Inside?
Vitamin C, B-Complex, Calcium, Magnesium
Anti-Aging Drip
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, suppress formation of acne and blemishes, and produce collagen to enhance elasticity, healthy skin and much more.
What's Inside?
Vitamin C, B12, B-Complex, Mineral Complex, Glutathione 
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