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FREE SEMINAR REVEALS: How Stem Cell Therapy is helping people with chronic joint pain find relief 
after only one treatment!
Join the team at Brain and Body and learn about our latest state-of-the-art therapy: Wharton's Jelly (HUCT) derived Stem Cell Therapy.
Live Stem Cell Therapy Seminar Dates and Times:
To reserve your seat at this informative seminar, Click the button or call (540) 678-1212. When you attend, you’ll receive a special reduced price consultation at the clinic to explore your stem cell therapy options.
Here's just a taste of what you'll learn at this special live educational seminar:
  •  Learn about this remarkable cutting edge healing technology that can actually repair damaged tissue in body through a painless and safe stem cell injection. (Hint: Normal drugs mask the pain.)
  •  "Patients can experience a significant decrease in pain and improved range of motion within weeks of just one treatment" When the body heals, the pain naturally goes away.
  •  Discover how stem cell injections work... (This is really fascinating stuff!) We'll explain how they pinpoint the impaired areas, remove the swelling with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and heal them by regenerating new cells and tissue.
  •  Why this innovative therapy is particularly effective in helping such conditions as degenerative arthritis, degenerative cartilage and ligaments, bone spurs, degenerative joint disease, bursitis and tendonitis. If you suffer from one of these or know someone who is in pain, this could be Life-changing.
  •  Brain and Body Health Center and Regenerative Medicine is the first clinic in the area to offer this highly advanced form of therapy.
Your Seminar Hosts
Join the Brain & Body Health Center and Regenerative Medicine team and learn about our latest state-of-the-art procedure:
Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
With one knee already replaced, Mike wanted to avoid that for his other knee at all costs. He was told he was bone on bone and needed surgery. 3 months post treatment "it was the best thing I ever did!"
Working in the equine industry, Jeff was severely limited for 30 years by his chronic shoulder pain with limited range of motion. After receiving umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy "It has CHANGED MY LIFE!" - Jeff T. (patient)
"Our patients say the results
are life-changing!"
  •  One Treatment Relief
  •  Long Lasting Healing
  • Safe and Gentle Therapy
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